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Solar Hot Water - What it can do for you!

Installing a Solar Hot Water system on your home can greatly reduce your power bills and your carbon foot print. With several options and sizes available to suit your home’s needs and usage, a solar hot water system is a sound investment.


So how does it work?

A solar hot water system has 2 main components: the tank used to store the water, and collectors, which are panels installed on your roof. The water is heated by the sun as it is circulated through the collectors. This is what we call ‘Solar Gain’.

For a EcoSmart – Dux split system, when the tank is installed in position on the ground, the water is pumped up to the roof where it circulates through the collectors.

For a Rinnai roof mounted system, where the entire system is installed on your roof, the mains pressure feeds the water up to the roof. It circulates through the collectors and is stored in the tank to be gravity fed bac

down when you are using it in your home.


The collectors should be installed in an optimum position with a minimum 10-15 degree pitch to get as much sunlight as possible. Ideally this is usually a North to West position but may depend on your roof and orientation of your home.

In some cases if your roof pitch is not enough, or the orientation of your home will not allow for a suitable location, a frame may be manufactured. This will allow the system to be installed on your roof and still have the benefits of Solar Gain.

If you live in a cyclone rated area, a cyclone frame is also mandatory for compliance.

What if it is raining?

Of course not every day is ideal weather for Solar Gain, even in glorious Central Queensland. When you wake up and see that dreary grey sky, you simply have to switch on your Electric Booster Switch.

This is usually located near your tank (for split systems) or in your main switchboard. Switching this on will allow the system to heat water by using energy from the grid. This does mean you will be using power and can expect an increase in your power bill for the duration you have the booster switched on.

Once the weather has cleared up, you simply have to switch the booster off and it will revert to using the sun to heat your water.

What size tank do I need for my home?

The standard family home usually requires a 315L tank. This is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. If you have a larger family or home, or use a lot of hot water when showering, washing etc, then a 400L system may be more

suited to your needs.

Hero Shot-bigger

Alternatively, for smaller homes, a 250L system is also available.

If you are wanting a roof mounted system, the largest size you can get is 330L. Smaller sizes are available. 

It’s important to note that if you have a tiled roof, it is no longer compliant to install a solar hot water tank on your roof. You can still install a split system however, so only the collectors will be on the roof and the tank located on the ground.

Are there any rebates?

Yes! The government rebate applies to new solar hot water installations. As with the solar power rebate that is widely advertised, the rebate amount does reduce on the 1st of January every year. Currently the rebate is set to run for another 8 years.

The amount of rebate is dependent on the system size and will be provided as a point of sale discount on your quote.

Is there any maintenance once it’s installed?

As with most things these days, routine maintenance is required every couple of years. This can be done by a CEC qualified plumber.

Contact us to find out who is able to assist within the Rockhampton area.

You will be provided with an Owner’s Manual after the installation is complete. This has information about the servicing schedule. Some of it can be carried out by yourself and the manual will instruct you on how to do it.

What is the Warranty?

Both roof mounted and split systems have separate warranties on the tanks and collectors.

For a Rinnai system, the collectors are warrantied for 7 years and the tank between 5-10, depending on which option you choose.

For Dux systems, the collectors have a 5 year warranty and there is 7 years on the tank.

Both systems have a 1 year parts and labour warranty provided by the manufacturers on moving parts (pumps etc) and plumbing fittings. EcoSmart Solar extend that warranty by an additional year.

Outside of this warranty, any moving parts or fittings that need replacing are the owners responsibility.

What is the process to getting it installed? Will you take away my old tank?

Installation usually happens in a day. Our plumber will attend, disconnect and remove your existing tank before installing the new system. Once it is installed, an electrician will attend to complete the electrical aspect. Your first day is usually Solar Gain as the electrician won’t attend until the afternoon or the next morning. However your system will have had several hours of sunlight to heat your water for the night.

We will take away your old tank and dispose of appropriately. This is usually done on the same day or the next morning.


Overall, a Solar Hot Water system can greatly benefit your home and reduce your power bills.

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