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Quality Solar = Solar Quality

Renewable, clean energy available every day of the year is a great way to reduce your power bill.

We all see the ads for Solar Power. They show up on your TV screens and social media feeds – always at the right time. There are more and more of them every day, all offering you a great way to reduce your bills. Some of the prices look unbelievable – a 6.6kW system for ‘a few thousand’!? 

That’s because they are unbelievable.

Before you sign the dotted line for that ‘cheap deal’, there are a few things to contemplate first.

Quality Solar = Solar Quality

When purchasing a Solar Power System for your home or business, quality and reliability are important factors to consider; after all, this is an investment intended to pay itself off with its Return on Investment. A trustworthy solar system with long-lasting, durable panels and inverter provides a much better financial return than a cheap system which is unlikely to last as long, require unexpected maintenance and lack the support you need and want.

The buyer’s rule applies when it comes to Solar. “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

We believe strongly that you get what you pay for. If you’re wanting something that’s going to last the distance and cut down on your electricity costs for years to come, then you need to consider the quality of system.

So, what should you be looking for?

All systems come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty – as does anything else you purchase as a consumer. This is what you should be researching. How long is the warranty for? What sort of warranty is it? What’s included in the warranty? Why are there two different warranties?

Some companies offer a parts only warranty (often called Limited Warranty); meaning if a panel fails, you will be responsible for the costs of removing, transporting and installing the new product.

Top of the range products have parts and labour warranties; so you don’t wear any of the costs to replace if it fails. This is a clear sign of the quality of the product. A company that backs themselves and the product they are offering completely.

You may notice in your research a second type of warranty – Performance Guarantee. This is also important as it gives you an indication of how efficiently the panels are expected to work at the end of the warranty period.

What does a Quality Solar Power System look like?

High quality Solar Panels come with an extensive, long-term parts and labour warranty as well as a 25-year performance guarantee. It's important to compare the length of these.

You may often see top of the range panels paired with an SMA inverter. German made, the SMA inverters are top of the class with a 10-year parts and labour warranty, free online monitoring through their SunnyPlaces portal and SMA Energy phone application.


Now you know about the product warranties, how do you pick the right Installer?

The answer to that: Go Local.

There is an increasing demand to assist with systems installed by out-of-town companies who provide no support post installation, installed low quality systems that have failed within a couple of years and now the company has ‘disappeared’ and don’t answer the phone or emails.

This is what you pay for when you buy Cheap Solar.

Partner with a company that is local to your region, knows the climate and provides after-sales support. Speak directly with the team; no waiting on hold in queues to talk to a customer service representative. A company who quotes, sells, installs and maintains the systems with their own in-house team.

EcoSmart Solar are the trusted suppliers and installers of solar solutions, servicing the Central Queensland region for over 14 years. We are a CEC Approved Installer, using in-house, qualified electricians to install and service our systems.

We don’t offer CHEAP systems; we offer QUALITY systems we are proud to stand behind and support.

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